My January 2017 Monthly Cashflow Report

My January 2017 Cashflow Report plus my first financial review

Each month I publish a Cashflow Report where I share my income, outgoings and investment decisions. You can find a list of my monthly reports here.

Welcome to FIDiary and my first post! If you’d like to read about why I started this website, please visit my about page.

One of the reasons I started this website was because I knew sharing my finances online would result in me being stricter with the way I use my money and as a result improve my progress towards Financial Independence.

Financial Review

January went some way towards proving this point. As I’m sure many others do, I started the new year with a full review of my finances. It’s funny how without regular reviews, my finances act a bit like a school locker, filling up with unnecessary things that really should have been cleared out months ago.

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