Just a Typical No Spend Day

Save more with No Spend Days

I’ve come to realise that reaching Financial Independence means changing my relationship with money. I used to treat money as a means to buy things that got me what I wanted today and gave me a short term fix – at the time that fix felt great. I never considered that if I didn’t spend it immediately it could offer so much more in the long term, compounding that short term fix feeling several times over.

Changing my relationship with money is only half the story – changing my lifestyle to compliment this new relationship is just as important. It’s silly thinking I can save money and invest in my future self whilst still spending my weekends trawling around expensive shops and eating out 3 times a week.

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My Financial Goals for 2017 (and why I’ll probably fail)

I’m a strong believer in the process of goal setting and regular goal monitoring. Throughout my working and personal life I find goals give me a sense of accomplishment that I miss if I just carry on without a target or known end state. Without goals, how does one know they’ve achieved what they set out to?

When it comes to goals, I like to make sure I cover 2 categories:

Realistic – Goals I know I can achieve with some effort. These aren’t supposed to be easy, but equally aren’t supposed to be impossible. These make up the core of my goal collection and give the continual drip feed of achievement I crave.

Stretch – Goals I know I probably won’t achieve but they give me a reason to push harder because if I do achieve them the sense of accomplishment is far greater.

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My January 2017 Monthly Cashflow Report

My January 2017 Cashflow Report plus my first financial review

Each month I publish a Cashflow Report where I share my income, outgoings and investment decisions. You can find a list of my monthly reports here.

Welcome to FIDiary and my first post! If you’d like to read about why I started this website, please visit my about page.

One of the reasons I started this website was because I knew sharing my finances online would result in me being stricter with the way I use my money and as a result improve my progress towards Financial Independence.

Financial Review

January went some way towards proving this point. As I’m sure many others do, I started the new year with a full review of my finances. It’s funny how without regular reviews, my finances act a bit like a school locker, filling up with unnecessary things that really should have been cleared out months ago.

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